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Queensland Debating Union Round 2 and 3 update

Queensland Debating Union Round 2 and 3 update

Author: Mrs Lauren Leslie
Author Role: Debating Co-ordinator

After a lacklustre Round 2–thanks to some narrow losses and a late forfeit from an opposing team–CHAC debaters have welcomed the commencement of Round 3 Short Prep debates.

A Short Preparation round requires students to arrive one hour prior to the start of the debate at which time they receive their topic and then are placed in a room without the aid of phones, laptops and other technologies to prepare. Without the ability to research, Short Prep debates test a debater's general knowledge and understanding of the world around them (social, political and economic) as well as the strength of their debating method. These debates essentially come down to the strength of a team's case, and each speaker's ability to argue and respond to key issues raised. They certainly are a challenge and quite a thrill to witness!

We've made an encouraging start to Round 3 so far: Mrs Hassall's team 11.1 (Rebecca Donnan, Emma Cooney, Anna Coldham-Fussell and Chrisel Myburgh) triumphed over Somerville House arguing that women should not pay less tax than men, and Mr Featherstone's team 9.1 (Alec Wills, Jasmine Balfour, Lily Chippendale and Jessica Walker) triumphed over San Sisto College arguing that commercial recreational activities in national parks should be banned.

Good luck to our Year 8, Year 10 and Year 12 teams who will be debating over the next couple of weeks. May your case be strong, your rebuttal plentiful and may you receive the better side of every topic!