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Queensland Debating Union

Queensland Debating Union

Author: Mrs Lauren Leslie
Author Role: Debating Coordinator

The QDU Brisbane Secondary Competition officially launched on Wednesday evening, 27 February and CHAC's Years 9 and Year 11 teams have made a tremendous start to the season.

This year we have two Year 9 teams competing and Mr Featherstone's team 9.1 (Alec Wills, Jasmine Balfour, Lily Chippendale and Jessica Walker) triumphed over Iona with a two point margin. Ms Georgina Baker's team 9.2 (Redmond Marshall, Aidan Branch, Bethany Walsh and Hannah Robinson) narrowly lost to Churchie who claimed a one point victory. The topic of the night was that we should ban the Melbourne Cup and both of our Year 9 teams were arguing the negative side.

Mrs Eve Hassall's Year 11 team (Emma Cooney, Anna Coldham-Fussell, Chrisel Myburgh and Rebecca Donnan) also claimed victory in their first round of competition with a two point margin against Indooroopilly SHS. The team took on a challenging topic: that rank and file members of political parties should directly elect the leader of the party, and Emma, Anna and Chrisel convincingly argued the negative side of the topic. This was also the first time the team had encountered points of information (POIs) in a competition–quite an intimidating and nerve-wracking experience! For those unfamiliar with this aspect of competitive debating, POIs are questions that opponents can ask the speaker during their speech, which are designed to expose a weakness in the speaker's argument. The speaker can choose to accept or decline a POI, but they must accept a minimum of two POIs during their speech. Similarly, opponents must ask a minimum of two POIs of each speaker. Therefore, a speaker can expect to have at least six POIs fired at them during their eight-minute speech. POIs certainly bring an exciting and challening element to the competition and the Year 11s did themselves and their coach proud.

It also gives me great pleasure to announce that Jacques Dennison has been elected the CHAC Debate Captain for 2019. Jacques has shown a consistent passion and skill for debating and is about to start his fifth and final season in the Year 12 competition next week. I look forward to working closely with Jacques as coach and coordinator, and I have every confidence that he will lead and inspire our CHAC debating community with distinction. Congratulations Jacques.

I wish all coaches and competitors continued success throughout the season, particularly our Years 8, 10 and 12 teams competiting next week: may your rebuttal be plentiful, your POIs rich and succinct, and your adjudicator more inclined toward your side of the topic.