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QDU Secondary Debating Round 1 update

QDU Secondary Debating Round 1 update

Author: Claudia Persal and Brodie Kealley
Author Role: Debating Captains

We are pleased to announce that our debaters have welcomed the competition with the perseverance and engagement we have come to expect, producing outstanding results so far.

In their first year of debating at the College, debaters are required to speak for five minutes and rebut the other team - a daunting experience for many new debaters. Our Year 8 teams have proven themselves to be confident, capable and captivating in their speaking and presentation skills. We’re so excited to see how their skills develop as the season progresses. The Year 8 students did the College proud in their first debates, with two out of our three teams coming away with convincing wins despite arguing different sides of the topic that we should ban animal testing. Congratulations go out to both Ms Baker’s 8.1 team and Ms Window’s 8.2 team for their triumphs over Iona and San Sisto respectively. Ms Venables 8.3 team had a narrow loss of one point against John Paul College, however, will use this as an opportunity to hone their skills and stun the competition with their prowess in their next debate against Mansfield State High School. Team 8.1 in particular, deserves kudos for taking a negative stance on this debate and coming out on top. 

We’ve received a lot of interest from the Year 9 students this year and are pleased to announce that both Mr Featherstone’s 9.1 and Ms Newman’s 9.2 teams secured victories against Ormiston and Villanova College. Team 9.2 must be applauded for their outstanding five-point win, which in the debating world is the equivalent of an absolute thrashing, for lack of a better word. For some of these students debating is a whole new forte, and the level of skill they’ve shown thus far makes us confident in their abilities for both current and future seasons. 

A big congratulations has to go to our Year 10/11 composite team who annihilated Churchie in a massive four-point victory. The Year 10 students on this team deserve significant praise for stepping up to serve the College. Despite the jump from Year 9 to Year 11 debating, and the intimidating feat of pulling off not only longer speeches and POIs, our 10/11 team was not phased at all, seen by their monumental win.  

We’re also very excited to report that our Year 12 team has started off the season on a high, with a significant victory over the Lauries 12.1 Team. Arguing that we should not allow universities to accept donations contingent on the teaching of a particular worldview, we can all safely say we’ve learnt to think much more critically of both the media and higher education and will hopefully use this to inform our choices in the next step of our futures. Considering the short debate season last year, we were very excited to begin to develop our POIs and finetune our debating skills. 

A massive thank you to our coaches for taking time out of their already hectic schedules to organise meetings, attend debates and continually improve our abilities. Thank you Ms Baker, Ms Window, Ms Venables, Mr Featherstone, Ms Newman, Mrs Hassall, and Ms Hart for being incredible coaches thus far, and Mrs Leslie for being an incredible coordinator. 

Of course, we would be nothing without the support of our parents and family members, so thank you all for always chauffeuring us to and from debates, cheering us on from the audience, and finding the positives of our speeches - even if we cannot. 

Now on to Round Two, we’ll see you all soon to report more victories!