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QCAA Confirmation Process and Provisional Results

QCAA Confirmation Process and Provisional Results

Author: Chris Nastrom-Smith
Author Role: Director of Data and Strategy

As our Year 11s commence their summative assessment, CHAC will be adopting the recommended practices of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) that promote quality internal assurance process. In addition, each subject has to meet mandatory external state-wide quality assurance processes for making judgements of student assessment, otherwise known as ‘Confirmation’. At the completion of each assessment, CHAC staff will be rigorously undertaking a range of internal quality assurance process for the awarding of results for each General Subject and Applied Subject. This process involves several steps to ensure that the internal school judgements being made of student assessment responses align with the Syllabus requirements, meet the College’s reporting obligations and mirror the QCAA’s internal quality assurance recommendations. These results will then be randomly selected for ‘confirmation’ by the QCAA at two points during 2020.

In response to these QCAA confirmation events, CHAC will be reporting and releasing ‘provisional’ results to students and parents prior to the QCAA examining the compatibility of the judgements made by CHAC (and other schools throughout Queensland). This confirmation process of each school’s provisional results will ensure high levels of reliability of teacher judgements across every Queensland school. After each confirmation event, the provisional marks submitted by each school may be adjusted by the QCAA and a ‘final’ result will be awarded for each subject. This ‘final’ result will then be communicated back to the school by the QCAA and student results adjusted accordingly.

To ensure that all ‘provisional’ marks for those subjects completed at the end of Term 4, 2019 meet the QCAA’s internal quality assurance recommendations, CHAC will be publishing the results of each assessment instrument in early 2020 so that the appropriate time is given to complete the necessary internal quality assurance steps. These provisional results will be available in Learning Analytics and then again on the Unit 3 report (due for release in mid-Term 2, 2020).