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Principal's message

Principal's message

Author: Gary O'Brien
Author Role: Principal

Tomorrow is Open Day and all members of the College Community are invited to attend and assist in the promotion of our College. As always, our students will be front and centre, whether it be as Tour Guides, Sport, Music or display participants, or just simply helping out around the Campus. The day commences with presentations in the Auditorium between 9am and 10am, followed by tours and displays from 10am until 12noon. A huge thank you in advance to our Homebake team, whom I am sure will once again amaze us with the quality and quantity of edibles donated to this College event.

It is a TAS home game against St Paul's, so any support for our teams will be greatly appreciated; however, please be considerate of our neighbours on a day when parking will be at a premium. We would hope that our neighbours are not parked in by vehicles who choose to park even partly across driveways.

In a week where the press reported that in 2018 one in three Queensland Principals had been physically attacked, it seems appropriate to reflect on the culture and environment that exists and is expected at CHAC. As a College, we have a Culture Statement and a Communication Charter to clearly articulate our values, attitudes and expectations of those in our community. These were developed through a process that engaged all our staff members in sharing ideas and providing input to reach an agreed understanding as to how we act and do at CHAC.

Visual components of these are shown below.

Further to these documents, the following has been created as a reminder of the detail that underpins our charter.

We believe these assist in the creation of clear expectations and an understanding of the CHAC Way, the way we do things at CHAC, and they provide a framework around which our community can and does function effectively. Based on this we are working towards formalising, in a shorter document, a Parent Communication Charter. The purpose of this will be to outline the appropriate lines of communication for certain situations and the appropriate nature for those communications to occur. Our intention is to release a draft document for parent comment, a defined feedback period and then the publication of the charter.

Stay tuned for the release of this document.