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Primary News

Primary News

Author: Elizabeth Chaplin
Author Role: Director of Primary

Welcome back to Term 4

It seems that this year is disappearing so very quickly; I find it hard to believe that we are suddenly in Term 4 with just a few weeks left before our end-of-year events start to take place. It is lovely to be back at CHAC after some extended leave. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Anita Spencer for her work in stepping into my role during my absence. Thanks also to Suzie Alexander for stepping into the role of Deputy Director of Primary, as well as to the outstanding teaching and non-teaching staff who carried on keeping the wheels turning smoothly while I was away.

Term 4 is a busy term, which culminates in several events for students and parents. Please note the following dates in your diaries. You will be advised in due course regarding the details of each event.

End of year events

21 October     
Staff only day
Prep 2020 Orientation Morning

24 October     

25 October     
World Teachers' Day

29 October     
Year 7 2020 Orientation

30 October     
Year 7 2020 Orientation
Prep 2020 Orientation Morning
Primary Step-Up Morning

31 October     
2019 Performance Music Awards Evening 

4 December   
Primary Awards Presentation
Year 6 Transition Service and Dinner

5 December   
Nativity Play – Prep to Year 2
Last Day of Term

2020 Student Leadership Process

The 2020 Student Leaders will be selected this term. The Year 5 students undertake a rigorous selection process throughout the term, which commenced at their recent Year 5 Camp at Maroochydore. The students have an opportunity to nominate for particular roles before commencing the process that is supported by Rev. Sarah, Ms Spencer and myself. I would like to thank those students who nominate for leadership roles and sincerely hope they find the selection process to be rewarding.

CHAC app

Parents are encouraged to continue to make regular use of the CHAC app. The app has been updated to include several new buttons, including the Absentee Line, Flexischools and Primary updates.

Kiss & Go

Yesterday at Primary Assembly, the students were reminded of the procedures at Kiss & Go and the very real need to follow school procedures, which have been put into place primarily in the interest of safety. It is important that students and parents understand the procedures and assist staff to keep Kiss & Go running safely and efficiently.

Morning drop-off

Kiss & Go is staffed from 8am to 8.15am each morning. Kiss & Go is situated in the Primary car park off Bent Street. Parents using the drop off zone are requested to remain in their vehicle always to keep the flow of traffic running smoothly through the car park. Staff on duty will greet students and assist them as they disembark the vehicle.

Afternoon pick-up

Students using the Kiss & Go Facility after school are expected to wait inside the fence in the Early Years playground until the duty teacher arrives and escorts them out to the Kiss & Go Zone. They are required to sit in family groups on the seats, or on the cement, under the shaded area, and actively keep an eye out for their car. Once they can see their car is in the queue, students need to move promptly to the top of the queuing area where staff are stationed to assist with them to alight the vehicle and to store their bags.

To assist the safety, efficiency and flow of traffic, teachers will assist students to embark their vehicles in the top three vehicles only. Parents are expected to remain in their vehicle always.

Students have been instructed that they are not to approach or attempt to climb into a vehicle that is more than three cars down. Please do not call or signal to your child to come to the car as this compromises the safety of your child as well as causing confusion and anxiety because they are being asked to ignore direct instructions from College staff.

From time to time accidents occur at school and this is also true of Kiss & Go. Should you or your child be involved in any kind of accident, please follow all staff instructions. Our staff are all trained in First Aid and the First Aid room in Primary Reception is open until 4pm.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation. This has been greatly appreciated by Primary staff as well as the Property Services staff who assist us each afternoon.