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Primary News

Primary News

Author: Anita Spencer
Author Role: Acting Deputy Director of Primary

Eye testing

Prep and Year 1 students had the opportunity to have their eyes tested through a Vision Screening last week as part of a free service from Eyedeal Optometrists. A report will be sent to the parents with the results. If any of the children are identified as having any eye issues, a full eye exam is then recommended.

One in five children have a vision problem and this is not getting any less with the increased use of technological devices. Children are often not aware of abnormal vision in order to notify a teacher or parent, so the vision screening helps us to identify these children.

Japanese Visitors

It was with great sadness that we farewelled our Japanese visitors last Tuesday morning. A special dinner was held for the students and their host families on Monday night, which was a time of celebration and sharing of experiences throughout their time here at CHAC. Many thanks to Mrs Jane Everett who spent many hours preparing fun-filled lessons for our students, while engaging the Japanese students through an English immersion program.

Primary Disco

Students boogied the night away in their ‘Fluro Glow’ attire at the disco on Thursday 8 August. Many thanks to the Year 12 Primary Mentors for assisting with the face painting and glow sticks – you were very popular with the children!

Many hours went into the preparation for the night to ensure students were well fed, had plenty of activities to keep them entertained and had a fun social time together in a safe environment. A huge thank you to the P&F Disco Committee for all the work they put into this fun-filled, and highly anticipated event.

Street Science

On Thursday, students from Prep to Year 6 enjoyed a spectacular stage show as they delved into the dizzying details of space travel, communication and astronaut survival. Students were engaged and excited as they watched breath-taking demonstrations that challenged their perceptions and contextualised serious space science concepts. They were left cheering for more. This special science incursion was inspiring to both students and teachers alike. Many thanks to Mr Chris Williams for organising this event!

Canberra Tour

Next week, our Year 6 students and teachers will head off on the Canberra Tour. We wish them safe travels and a wonderful time as they discover our Nation’s Capital. The Snow Day is a highly anticipated event – let’s hope for beautiful sunny weather so the students can enjoy the full benefits of the snow. Thank you to our accompanying staff – Mr Robin Laisby, Mr Chris Williams, Rev. Sarah Leisemann, Mrs Jane Everett and Mr Troy Jones.

MS Readathon

Please don’t forget to register your child for the MS Readathon. This is a fantastic initiative that encourages students to read, while also donating to a worthwhile charity. More information can be found here.

Container Collection Day – Friday 6 September 2019

Please don’t forget to bring in your mesh bag of containers on Friday 6 September.