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Primary Matters

Primary Matters

Author: Robin Laisby and Chris Williams
Author Role: Teacher

CHAC Champs

Ruby Skues: For her dedication to her role as Environmental Committee Leader.
Imogen Lake: For being a great helper in and outside of the classroom.



Another busy week has flown past in Year 6. With Labour Day last Monday, we attempted to fit a week’s worth of work into a short week. Our Term 2 units continue at full speed with our continued understanding of the journeys and sacrifices that migrants and refugees made to get here. Students are increasingly excited over our combined Science and Design Technology unit Creative Circuitry, where they are beginning to think how they might include sound, movement and light components into a room of a family home. Our Art unit Pointillism is underway, with children first sketching some simple still life from the Wetlands before then converting pictures into a pointillist style.

The Primary Leaders enjoyed morning tea at Parliament House, rubbing shoulders with leaders from schools around Brisbane.

We had a lovely morning on Friday as we welcomed mothers for activities in preparation for Mother’s Day on Sunday. The highlights included the ‘How Well Do You Know Your Mum/Child?’ questions, with both children and mums surprising each other with their answers. The Voucher Booklet went down well, with ‘An hours peace and quiet’ being a firm favourite.

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the Secondary Science Lab to practice creating open and closed simple circuits. n 


  • Science Lab- Tuesday 14
  • Da Vinci Decathlon- Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes