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Performance Arts News

Performance Arts News

I hope you have enjoyed your first few weeks as CHAC parents and have heard lots of great stories from your children.

In Performance Arts, we aim to get up and do things that centre around Music, Dance and Drama. My principal focus is on the doing. The units of work vary according to either the classroom unit (I try to link ideas where I can), or a unit I have devised for the specific year level and class. At this stage, all year levels have started with Music.

As far as performance blacks are concerned - these are only required for performances and assessment tasks, and I will let you know in advance when they are required. Boys should wear their navy blue shorts and a plain black t-shirt (no logos). Girls should wear black shorts or leggings and a plain black t-shirt (no logos).  Please ensure the shirt sufficiently covers when your child reaches up to the sky.

You are most welcome to come in, visit and join in a lesson if you would like to - just follow the usual procedure for this (via Lisa Hansen in the office).

Have a wonderful term!

Rowena Riek
Primary Performance Arts Coordinator