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Pastoral Care in the Primary - Choices

Pastoral Care in the Primary - Choices

Author: Anita Spencer
Author Role: Deputy Director of Primary

The Prep and Year 1 students are looking at their Bridge Building topic ‘Choices’. Your child will come to understand that they are unique; one of a kind; special in their own way.

They will also learn that behaviours are a choice. Good choices are friendly choices. Friendly choices help everyone to feel that they belong. Friendly choices help our school be a happier place. There are other choices we sometimes make that are not good choices and these are called conflict choices. Conflict choices might hurt someone’s feelings or their body. Other words for conflict are a fight, an argument or a problem.

Please register and log on to your BRIDGE BUILDERS® account to access the Choices Lesson. You would have received an email from Empowering Life Skills. If you have not yet received an email, please contact your classroom teacher. The Welcome Video needs to be watched until the end before the lessons become accessible.