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Pastoral Care in the Primary

Pastoral Care in the Primary

Author: Anita Spencer
Author Role: Deputy Director of Primary

What a year!

When I look back on all that has occurred throughout the year, I am filled with a sense of gratitude and peace. At times it has been anything but peaceful; however, being part of a community that bands together and supports each other when times are tricky brings an overwhelming feeling of belonging and achievement.

This year our theme was My Best – Our Best – Shared Success. Students, parents, and staff have carried this through as we transitioned into CHAC@Home, as well as when we were able to come back on campus. It has been a successful year on so many fronts.

Students supported many charities throughout the year such as the Terry Floyd Foundation, The Koala Foundation, RSPCA, OzHarvest, and Meals on Wheels. They were able to identify the many wonderful opportunities they have and how they can impart kindness and joy to others.

Our Primary Leaders had many opportunities to support the younger students, especially during the House activities, Chapel services, and Assemblies. They did an admirable job despite the differences of the year.

As we draw to the close of another year, I would like to wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday. I look forward to being able to welcome you back in the new year as we embark on another year filled with fun, laughter, learning, and new experiences.