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Past student returns as Pre Service Teacher

Past student returns as Pre Service Teacher

Author: Dr Malcolm Cole
Author Role: Head of Faculty, The Arts

At the beginning of Term 2, we welcomed Mr Victor Findlay, 2015 CHAC graduate, as a Pre Service Teacher in music. Mr Findlay is observing and teaching music classes with Mr Schultz, (Years 7 to 10) and Dr Cole (Year 11). Mr Findlay has also taken on the role of assisting Mr Quinn in the technical running of The Addams Family. Best wishes to Mr Findlay for the remainder of his time here; I'm sure our students will benefit from his teaching and perspectives.

Mr Findlay, Pre Service Teacher

"My name is Victor Findlay and I am a past CHAC student who graduated in 2015. When I was here, I played in several orchestras and was Music Captain and loved being involved in the music department.

"Since graduating from CHAC, I have completed my Bachelor of Music at QUT and I am now in the process of completing my Master of Teaching also from QUT.

"During my Bachelor of Music, I had fantastic opportunities to compose, record and perform music. During this degree, I met my bandmates, and we formed our band Jumbo Dragon. With this band, I have played all around Brisbane and had the opportunity to perform with some fantastic artists like Shag Rock and participate in festivals and competitions such as the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl and the Battle of the Bands at the Brightside, which we won in 2018.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working at CHAC over the last few weeks with Dr Cole and Mr Schultz in classroom music, helping with the musical and generally being involved in such a fantastic music department!"