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Parents and Friends' Association - 2021

Parents and Friends' Association - 2021

Author: Robert Nettleton
Author Role: President - Parents and Friends' Association

Welcome from the President 

On behalf of the CHAC P&F, I would like to welcome you all to the 2021 academic year.

While 2020 was understandably impacted by various restrictions, which resulted in the cancellation of many P&F events, we are currently planning for several events to go ahead this year, albeit potentially in modified formats. The biggest event for 2021 will be the annual Trivia Night, currently scheduled for 14 May. We will keep you updated on the details for our Trivia Night, along with all our other planned events through the newsletter, so please keep a lookout for these updates as we progress through the year.

I would also like to use this first newsletter to invite you to attend our P&F meetings this year. As you may already know, CHAC has two P&F committees, the main P&F oversees the P&F activities for the entire College, and a Primary Sub-Committee, which focuses on primary school events and activities. Please find the dates for each committee meeting below.

P&F Meetings (6pm to 7.30pm) - held in the Research Centre 

  • 8 February (Monday)
  • 15 March (Monday) – Annual General Meeting
  •  27 April (Tuesday)
  • 7 June (Monday)
  • 19 July (Monday)
  •  9 August (Monday)
  • 13 September (Monday)
  • 11 October (Monday)

P&F Primary Sub-Committee Meetings (6.30pm to 7.30pm)

The first Primary P&F Sub-Committee meeting will be held in Primary Administration building (staff lunchroom) from 6.30pm on Monday 1 February. All Primary parents are welcome to attend. 

To attend this meeting online, please email by 4.30pm on Monday. Following this, you will receive an invite to the meeting that will go live at 6.25pm. 

For those attending in person, please register using the QR code on arrival. 

Please do not attend if:

  • you are unwell
  • you are being tested for COVID-19
  • you are required to self-isolate in accordance with Government Directives.

Meeting dates

  • 1 February (Monday)
  • 9 March (Tuesday)
  • 19 April (Monday)
  • 31 May (Monday)
  • 13 July (Tuesday)
  • 2 August (Monday)
  • 7 September (Tuesday)
  •  5 October (Tuesday)
  • 8 November (Monday)

We look forward to engaging with you all throughout 2021, and continuing to build upon and support our fantastic community. As always, please feel free to contact the P&F if you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback. You can do all of this via email at P&F President, or, if you socially distance, bump into me on campus.