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Orange Sky CHAC Talk inspires

Orange Sky CHAC Talk inspires

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Two hundred members of the College community attended an inspirational CHAC Talk presentation by charity Orange Sky last Thursday evening, with its message about making a difference in the world through compassion for others. Presented by co-founder Nic Marchesi, the evening was a resounding success, with students and adults alike actively engaged in the Q&A session that followed the speech.

Many Australians know the story of Nic Marchesi and his best mate Lucas Patchett, who founded their Orange Sky laundry van service as 20-year-olds after becoming aware of the need for laundry facilities and showers for the homeless. In doing so, they discovered another need that was just as great: homeless peoples' desire for human connection and conversation from someone who cares. Since that time, the two young men have been declared Young Australians of the Year (in 2016) and have also been awarded Medals of the Order of Australia. More importantly though, to this point, the organisation they initiated has washed 1.4 million kilograms of laundry, provided more than 20,000 showers, and engaged in 5,000 hours of conversation weekly to those living on the streets.

CHAC’s Enterprise Education Program aims to nurture our students’ desire and capacity to be the change they seek in the world by developing their capacity to empathise with others, problem-solve using a Design Thinking approach and innovate with awareness of the business landscape. In his CHAC Talk, Orange Sky's Nic Marchesi showed how he and his co-founder Lucas Patchett are exemplars of these kinds of skills and qualities in action. What wonderful role models they are for our students.