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Night in the Cathedral–support Anglicare

Night in the Cathedral–support Anglicare

Author: Sarah Leisemann
Author Role: Chaplain and Director of Mission

There are hundreds of people sleeping rough in our city each night. Some of them are young people and women, for whom there are limited accommodation and care resources available. Anglicare–the caring arm of the Anglican Church–provides much-needed support to these vulnerable people, and we have the opportunity to raise funds to assist their work.

The 'Night in the Cathedral' sleepover on Friday 16 August gives our students the chance to experience in a small way what it’s like to sleep in an uncomfortable place for the night. St John’s Cathedral becomes their home away from home for a night, and in a safe and secure environment, they can learn firsthand about the needs of the homeless in our city.

In addition to this, they are encouraged to raise funds for Anglicare’s Homelessness projects, by gathering sponsorship, and through activities at school. All of the funds raised on our non-uniform day today will go to this worthy cause.

If your son or daughter would like to get involved in this event, please email me and register your interest.