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News from the Deputy Principal

News from the Deputy Principal

In the last two weeks, we have had information nights for our new Primary families and our Year 7 2019 Parents. Part of these events is to talk about the College’s vision, ethos and mission. As someone who lives inside these, it is always challenging to consider their appropriateness and reality.

The Statement of Mission of the College is:

Cannon Hill Anglican College is a dynamic Christian learning community which strives to offer a balanced and holistic educational environment, in order to develop the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual dimension of each of its members.

In the past two weeks of term, there have been countless examples of opportunities for students to experience and develop each of these:

  • Intellectually, there is the learning that goes on daily that develops the capacity of our students to think critically, to solve problems and to creatively engage with the world around them. Our participation in the Somerset Celebration of Entrepreneurship provided students with experiences in the growing world of entrepreneurship. The opportunity to interact with state and national leaders in this field, through a range of workshops and lectures, opened the minds of our students to the possibilities that exist in this space. Similarly, our Spaghetti Bridge teams placed first and second, while our Year 7 team was also victorious in their age division.
  • Socially, there are the opportunities offered through our weekly pastoral programs and, last weekend, through our very successful CHACyard Blitz. Under the guidance of Mr Hawkin and his team, Primary and Secondary families came together to reach out into our broader community and provide support to people in need. Building a service mentality in our students is an important component in growing citizens prepared to contribute positively to the broader community.
  • Physically, our College was represented in the Queensland Volleyball Schools Cup. While all teams performed admirably, we recognise our Year 7 Boys who were Gold medallists and our Year 8 Girls who were Bronze medallists.
  • Aesthetically, there was the Primary School MADD festival at which students presented the outcomes of their Arts program, while both Primary and Secondary students performed in our Spring Sonata series of concerts. These provided the opportunity to appreciate the visual and performance efforts of our students. Anyone present at the Classical concert will never forget the live performance of Neo Kinnunen-Ivanovic. Neo is a Year 12 Music Extension student who has written the first movement of a concerto. Along with a specially formed orchestra, he held the Auditorium spellbound as he flawlessly performed his piece.
  • Spiritually, we had our St Francis and St Clare Assembly. This Assembly creates a real sense of connection to our patron saints and their devotion and commitment to the service of others. The presentation of the prestigious CHAC Cross Pin, recognising contributions to the spiritual development of the College, is a highly significant component of this event and I would like to recognise the three recipients: Ms Karen Bonini, Grace Paek and Scot Salvati.
  • Each of these events and experiences contributes positively to the emotional development of individuals.

These underlying values and principles of life at CHAC were further endorsed this morning at the celebratory breakfast for World Teachers' Day, through moving and insightful speeches given by the College Captains, Mrs Robyn Bell and Ms Karen Bonini. Teachers and non-teaching staff across all administrative areas of the College were blessed with a magnificent breakfast. 

We thank the P&F for their gifts, the Canteen crew for the thought and care that went into the presentation of the breakfast, and our Primary children for handcrafting the very special table-runners. We also acknowledge and appreciate the behind-the-scenes work of setting up the breakfast late Thursday evening, after the Primary MADD event, the 5am start for the Canteen team, and the quick clear-up to ensure the Auditorium Foyer was ready to receive students en route to Assembly this morning.

Tonight sees the first of the 2018 awards evenings, with our Sports Awards, and we look forward to celebrating tonight, and in the coming weeks, with our staff, students and parents the achievements of another busy and productive year at CHAC.

Gary O'Brien
Deputy Principal