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News from SchoolPlus

News from SchoolPlus

Author: Sharon Molinas
Author Role: Coordinator

Easter Vacation Care was packed full of great events, starting with another worthy cause, Fiver for a Farmer. The children tie-died bandanas, made damper and had a thong throwing competition, which finished with a Hoedown, Throwdown bush dance. We decorated the undercover area with bales of hay and lots of country charm to add to the experience.

Professor Jellybean paid us a visit, as well as the Holt Bolt Inflatable Obstacle course. We made Easter Bunny toolboxes and visited QAGOMA and Southbank as part of an excursion.

The main highlight for our Vacation Care was the Tech Head Day where the children created their own motor vehicle with our resident robotics expert, Miss Sami and her sidekick Mr Sam. The children designed and created their vehicle out of anything they could recycle and then learned how to wire their motors and batteries to make it move. The creative designs were very impressive, as was the way they worked on propelling and stabilising their vehicles using paddle pop sticks and plastic bottles as propellers. We will plan another of these events in future Vacation Care programs as the children really enjoyed the creative challenge.

Term 2 has started with a bang, even for a short week. We are preparing for our term time incursion of Soccer with Ginger Sports and places are filling fast.