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Matt hits Times Square!

Matt hits Times Square!

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Matt McGuire - Class of 2010 - joined the Chainsmokers in February 2017 and hasn't looked back. 

Matt, renowned for his covers, uploaded a Chainsmokers' tracks to YouTube - they saw it, loved it, and he joined them on tour last year. Their new single has just been launched on a billboard in Times Square, New York.

Matt maintains contact with his alma mater and with Ghostgum Recording Studio Manager Mr David Quinn. He regularly uses the studio for private recording sessions and, last year, was guest speaker at one of CHAC's Boys for Success breakfasts.


Fiona Connor of the Daily Mail Australia reported that 'despite not studying music externally, Matt actively widenened his understanding within the music program at school and played with bands growing up'. 

'I was never interested in the technical side of music in terms of theory, I was only interested in the particle side. I'm pretty sure most of my schooling from the early years was all based around my love for music which I'm so thankful for. It was really the only thing that I actually cared about and applied myself in.'

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