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Making connections with our special ‘Place’

Making connections with our special ‘Place’

Author: Jennifer Chaplin
Author Role: Visual Art teacher

This week’s visual art incursion saw Year 11 students working with artist Dr Jacquie Scotcher. A lecturer and practicing artist who also features in our senior textbook Creative Inquiry. It was great to see students exploring the wetlands then creating authentic responses back in the classroom.

An intense but enjoyable day, students found her techniques broadened their understanding of painting and created new insights.

This incursion relates directly to their current unit of work ‘Art as code’: looking for connections in the world around us. Students responded in different ways to her work.


Student reflections

“As a group, we learnt more about not only how she constructs her artworks, but also how she relates everything to her surroundings. This new lens allowed us to grasp a broader understanding of the world around us and develop emotive attachments to our environments as a response. Scotcher taught me that there is no such thing as a mistake in art!”  Alyza Jeffery

“I thoroughly enjoyed the artist experience with Jacquie Scotcher. She opened my eyes to the many possibilities of art and that it’s not confined to the typical medias most people would think of, such as paint. There is a much wider range of medias that can be explored. Her work with us on Wednesday has encouraged me to open my mind and explore more options within the art world.” Alyssa Phillips