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MADD Evening

MADD Evening

Congratulations to one and all! The energy and enthusiasm that bounced off that stage last Thursday night was amazing. Again, I choose not to thank too many people during the show, as I always feel this drags things on somewhat and the magic seeps away. So here are my big, heartfelt thankyous post-show. 


Thanks to:

Abbie Reed (Year 6) and Ryan Glennon (Year 6) who assisted with the MC work – these students get little guidance or rehearsal. They are required to act quickly and think on their feet; they did both admirably.

Thanks to my colleagues in Upper Primary for the work they facilitated with the visual art in classrooms. Children really do have some wonderful ideas when given the scope to experiment. There was an excellent variety, and it was well articulated. To Super Jones (Troy Jones) who helped me hang all the art on the Thursday, and to Kim Knott, who helped me set it up and begin the hang the day before. To Jacob Brown (Year 6), who’s wonderful pen and ink drawing of Tiddalik opened the show; to Lily Chippendale (Year 8) who played violin for me. Finally, to the tech. crew – student Zac Bowman (Year 10) and, of course, Mr David Quinn (who doubled on percussion).

We have only one rehearsal before the show, so there is a far bit of chaos and uncertainly, but it always comes together and I do love it so very much! I think it is an important part of the year and the only opportunity the performing and visual arts have to showcase student work. The work too, is student work – student devised, student driven. Imagination is courage, right!

It is a team effort, finally, and I would like to thank my colleagues who came to assist on the night of the show. Schools are chaotic places and we were squeezed in this year between a number of competing CHAC events. Despite this causing some issues, it was worth it when you consider 220 students were given an opportunity to shine. Thank you, parents, for your support.

I will leave you with some artwork accidently omitted from the exhibition – a photo taken of a wonderful moment in the Year 5 dance about our fragile planet, and the finale. See you in 2019 – MADD if you do…MADD if you don’t.

Maya Ruby
Ryan Violet
Henry Matilda
Maxine Nic

Dr Rowena Riek 
Primary Performance Arts Coordinator