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MADD 2019

MADD 2019

Author: Rowena Riek
Author Role: Performance Arts Teacher

MADD 2019 ...thank you to all of the Primary Years 3 to 6 students who contributed so much to the show this year. There was lots of energy and enthusiasm from the moment we started to talk about the show a couple of weeks ago. Thank you to all the staff and parents who helped along the way.  Again, I would like to thank Mr Troy Jones for his fabulous support in setting up the art and helping with pretty much everything. Thank you also to the four Year 6 students who helped me guide the audience through the evening - Hugo, Nina, Macie and Noah. Nice work. 

There were some really moving moments in the show, and as a teacher of many years experience (34 now!), I am always so inspired by what ideas and stories students bring to each performance.

Now, if anyone has any need for 80 jellyfish...I know just the place you can get them. Until next year when we are going 'round'...stay MADD!