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Long Haul to LA for CHAC Alumni

Long Haul to LA for CHAC Alumni

Author: Sarah Reedman
Author Role: CHAC Past Students' Association President

Shelby Tillett (Class of 2016), graduated on 23 November 2018 from Flight Training Adelaide as a Virgin Australia Second Officer. Shelby will fly Boeing 777s long haul international flights from Brisbane/Los Angeles, and also between Sydney and Melbourne and Los Angeles.

Shelby’s achievements since leaving CHAC have been extraordinary and entirely attributed to Shelby’s drive and determination to achieve her goals. Shelby has worked extremely hard over the past 13 months to achieve her Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating, Air Transport Pilot Licence and her Multi-Crew Pilot Licence. She will now have a little time off before starting her Induction with Virgin Australia in mid-January 2019.

Shelby's dedication and drive have clearly blossomed and strengthened from a foundation of innate ambition and sense of purpose. It is so important to continue to tell our girls at CHAC of the fantastic role models amongst their Alumni – it is so empowering.

Robyn Bell, Principal