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Let kids off the leash for extra confidence

Let kids off the leash for extra confidence

CHAC has had a long association with Parenting Ideas; an online community connecting parents and educators with expert child development knowledge. Their aim is to help people successfully raise confident, happy and resilient kids. Over the course of nearly twenty years, they’ve become one of Australia’s most trusted sources of parenting education and support.

I regularly share articles and information with CHAC parents that I believe offer helpful advice, tips and explanations associated with raising children of all ages.

This week's recommended reading is by Parenting educator Michael Grose. He suggests that parents know that giving their kids more freedom is good for their overall development, yet we often find it difficult to give our kids the same liberties to roam that we may have enjoyed as children ourselves. He further suggests that parents need to be brave in letting their children go and be able to separate unsafe and unhealthy risks from safe and developmental risks.

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of parenting is letting go of our primal need to keep kids safe from pain and harm. The wish to protect is in the DNA of most parents, yet we can’t let that innate desire restrict children’s basic developmental need to explore, to be curious and to pull away from parental protectiveness.

I encourage all parents to read the full article available here.

Dave Pavish
Assistant Principal