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Learning Analytics Guide

Author: Chris Nastrom-Smith
Author Role: Director of Data and Strategy

As part of the College's ongoing improvements to our reporting and feedback practices, this week we are highlighting how students can access Learning Analytics via a simple 'one click' sequence from the College Gateway. As previously mentioned in the last two editions of the College Newsletter, this year CHAC has introduced a continuous reporting and feedback model across Years 7 to 10 for all subject areas. At the recent Years 10 and 11 Parent Information Evening, parents were shown how to access the continuous reporting features of the Learning Analytics suite and last week's newsletter contained a 'How to Guide' to assist parents in accessing individual student reports via the Learning Analytics link on the College Website.

This week we are sharing a step-by-step Student Guide and highlighting the addition of the Learning Analytics tile to the front page of the College Gateway (and Student Cafe)–making access only one click away!

As students’ complete assessment over the coming weeks, they will be asked to log into Learning Analytics to record their teacher's assessment feedback. Parents (and students) are then able to access that data anywhere, anytime, allowing greater insight into student performance on assessment tasks and creating the opportunity for students to ‘go back to’ teacher advice when preparing for similar tasks throughout their time at CHAC.

Along with these online access benefits, the College hopes that transitioning to the continuous reporting and feedback model will:

  • reduce parent concerns around why results were achieved by students and how students can improve;
  • increase the specificity of teacher feedback that reflects the task requirements and contains less QCAA subject-specific ‘jargon’; and
  • result in a reduced need for Parent-Teacher interviews, where parents often feel ‘rushed’ by the 6-minute time constraints, as the same information can be accessed online.