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Keep calm, and stay inside

Keep calm, and stay inside

Author: CHAC Marketing
Author Role: Marketing

We know everyone is ready for the chocolate coma and sleep-ins that come with the Easter school holidays, however, we recognise that with social distancing measures in place, this break will be different. But that doesn't mean you need to feel socially isolated or alone. Our CHAC community connection remains as strong as ever. We have created this essential holiday guide to provide virtual opportunities for you to get together with your CHAC friends, combat boredom, and boost those feel-good endorphins (the ones that aren't released following a chocolate binge). In the following articles, you will find a variety of suggestions and tips to help keep you fit and active, and feeling connected to our terrific community. 

Stay tuned to our social media platforms for daily inspiration and a stack of fabulous fun holiday ideas. There are CHAC competitions, cyber get-togethers, links to virtual tours and family activity suggestions to keep everyone busy and smiling. 

Because Netflix is only a worthy distraction for a short period of time!