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Junior TAS Sports Awards - Term 1

Junior TAS Sports Awards - Term 1

Author: Gavin Hosking
Author Role: Junior TAS Sports Coordinator

Last term, students were given the opportunity to participate in Hockey and Cricket Junior TAS Sport. It was an incredibly successful start to the CHAC Primary sporting program for 2019 with high numbers of first-time players involved in both sports and most teams going through a season with a high percentage of wins.

Congratulations to the following award winners for both Hockey and Cricket.



Year 4 BLUE

Year 4/5 RED

Year 5

Year 5/6

Junior Open
Sportsperson Emma Willis Niamh Duggan Ruby Owen Sophie Erfurth Anton Kalwy
MVP Joshua Mellish Cameron Hopkins Liam Clark Jacob Ryan Noah Forsyth



  Year 4/5 Year 5/6
Sportsperson Oliver Johnson Jonah Carpenter
MVP Mathias Tennant Sam Warrell