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Junior TAS Sport

Junior TAS Sport

Author: Gavin Hosking
Author Role: Junior TAS Sport Coordinator

Over the past two weekends, the Cricket and Hockey teams have continued to build their expertise and develop crucial teamwork skills. Hockey teams have produced some fantastic results this term, with many teams scoring a significant number of goals each week. The continued focus on teamwork and quick play has given teams every opportunity to put pressure on the opposition and win games.

With Cricket teams coming off a bye round, all players trained hard throughout the week and paid particularly close attention to fielding, and taking quick singles when batting. This has allowed teams to reduce the scores of opposition teams whilst increasing our own totals. Last week, tight bowling allowed teams to get an upper hand against their opposition and resulted in some great games and good results for CHAC.

I congratulate all teams on their progress and efforts this season. The improved skill levels of all players over such a short time is a credit to the efforts of the students and the partnership of coaching from parents and staff. With two rounds remaining in the season, it is important that all teams strive to do their best and finish the season in a positive way.