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Junior TAS Netball and Rugby

Junior TAS Netball and Rugby

Author: Gavin Hosking
Author Role: Junior TAS Sports Coordinator

Junior TAS Netball

Over the past two weekends, we have seen many of our Netball teams turn the corner and achieve their first or second win for the season. All teams are training particularly well on Wednesday mornings, and these results show the players' determination and persistence is paying off. With a 'super round' this coming weekend, all teams are playing in a three-game round of Netball at either Cannon Hill or Ipswich. This will provide all students great game time to further enhance their skills as we move into the final round while furthering their future Netball endeavours.

I wish all teams well for this weekends 'super round' and hope all players take the opportunity to enjoy the extended format and multiple games on offer.

Junior TAS Rugby

The Junior Rugby team have been continuing to progress in many ways. Their skills and teamwork have developed at an exceptional rate and their enjoyment of the game and training sessions is evident. Although not all results have been in CHAC's favour this term, the feedback from players, coaches and the entire ruby community has been overwhelmingly positive. I wish the players well for their final two games of the season and look forward to seeing the continued support and sportsmanship that this team is now known for.