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Junior Secondary News

Junior Secondary News

Author: Shelley McMahon
Author Role: Director of Junior Secondary

CHAC Community Sessions

CHAC Community Sessions are a formal part of our Pastoral Program held every Tuesday morning following Rollcall. These sessions aim to address important issues and specific age-appropriate student needs throughout the year. The program is reviewed regularly and is responsive to current research findings and the current needs of our student community. 

Topics and activities currently being addressed in Junior Secondary are:

Year 7: Developing Social Connections and Interests
Students have had the opportunity to nominate an area of interest, from Handball, Table Tennis, Team Challenges, Drama Games, Cooking and Craft, to Board Games. These rotations will run for two weeks at the beginning of each term, with the activities changing as the year progresses. The purpose of these sessions is to encourage students to work with a greater range of their peers who may share similar interests.

Year 8: Cyberbullying Awareness
In the lead up to the National Day of Action against Bullying, students will work in groups to develop a film that supports this campaign and sends a message that bullying and violence are not accepted in our community. They commenced this unit by watching some past campaigns, and are in the process of developing their video concepts and storyboards in preparation for filming in upcoming sessions. 

Year 9: Introduction to Basic First Aid Skills
Students will rotate through a different set of first aid skills each week, with the aim of developing basic skills in bandaging, resuscitation and other first aid procedures, along with an understanding of different types of injuries. This unit is a precursor to their Kokoda and Camp preparation unit.

Special Provisions

I am in the process of contacting students and parents who have handed in their special provisions forms. If you have not received this form and feel that your child may benefit from extra support to assist with their learning, please email or call me on 3906 2728 to discuss these options further. 

Junior Secondary Information Evening

Wednesday 13 March, 6.30pm to 7.30pm

The Junior Secondary Information Evening provides parents and guardians with further information to assist them to support their child during the transition to Secondary schooling (and beyond).  Please register to attend this event. There is an option when registering to provide questions or topics that you would like to see addressed, and I encourage you to include this information so we can cater to the specific concerns of our audience.

Welcome Evening Information

Thank you to those parents and staff who were able to come along to our Welcome Evening. For those who were unable to attend, please click here to access the slides from the evening.