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Junior Secondary News

Junior Secondary News

Reminder of Term 1 Junior Secondary Study Skills Session and Website Access

Earlier this term, our Junior Secondary students were part of a variety of study skills sessions run by Elevate Education presenters. The Year 7s began with a program called Study Skills Kick Start, while the Year 8s were part of a Junior Time Management session. The Year 9s were part of a Memory Mnemonics session that covered techniques and strategies to help students with their memorisation and recall of information to avoid reliance on rote learning. The feedback from the sessions was overwhelmingly positive, with over 95% of the students rating the seminars as time well spent.

As part of the study skills sessions, the students (and parents) receive access to an online student portal that provides a wide array of study tips and strategies, as well as a copy of Elevate’s study guide The Science of Student Success. The link to the student portal can be found here. After navigating to this web address, a box will pop up and you’ll be prompted to enter a password to access the premium content – the password for the site is rondo and, once entered, it will allow access to a lot of helpful information on study skills, including:

  • Blogs on everything from mindfulness to memorising information to productivity and procrastination
  • Practice questions and exams
  • Short-term planners, weekly planners and pre-exam planners
  • The PDF of Elevate Education’s founder’s own book, The Science of Student Success, which details many of the key study skills taught, as well as some of the research behind them.

Students can also tailor their online experience and save their preferences by creating a profile on the website.

I encourage all students and parents to access this website regularly and to use it to support any areas of development students may require around their study habits.

Junior Secondary NAPLAN Familiarisation Program

At the conclusion of Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2, the College runs a familiarisation program for the upcoming NAPLAN testing during Year 7 ILG lessons. To ensure the students are familiar with the format, language, response types and time constraints of each test, a number of practice tests have been organised for the Year 7 students during the final weeks of term.

The 2018 NAPLAN testing for Years 7 and 9 students will occur on Tuesday 15 May, Wednesday 16 May and Thursday 17 May. The College encourages all students to sit the tests. Information is available from the National Assessment Program website, which provides useful information for parents. The site also contains some sample test items that would be an ideal tool to introduce the Year 7 and Year 9 students to in the safety of their own home, particularly if there is any anxiety associated with the NAPLAN experience.

Application for Special Provisions for NAPLAN

While the College has an internal process for handling students requiring special provision to accommodate their learning, NAPLAN requires parents to apply separately for the Years 7 and 9 NAPLAN tests. If your child has a specific learning difficulty that entitles them to a special provision, like extra time, could you please email by 27 April and I will forward through the relevant paperwork.

Announcement of Year 9 Junior Secondary Representatives

After an extensive selection process that involved the submission of a written application and a speech in front of the Junior Secondary cohort, we have 22 outstanding young leaders who will represent Junior Secondary. The leadership executive comprises: Juliet Munro, Matthew Stoward, Gabriella Bishop, Emma Gamble, James Roe and Sam Clark. The remaining Year 9 leaders will work hard to promote their specific areas of interest and responsibility across the College. The remaining members are: Anastasia Lewis, Emily Rossow, Kelly-Ann Sparks, Brooke Llewellyn, Remi Thiesfield, Matthew Sloman, Hannah Schultz, Isabel Airlie, Ella McCauley, Tom Camuglia-May, Liam Ward, Rebecca Ferguson, Alyza Jeffery, Jasmine Le Lievre-Adams, Kashmere Schafer and Justin Trethewey.

These students will engage in a range of leadership activities throughout the year as part of their own personal development, will be responsible for hosting a number of Assembly pieces, and will be directly involved with the mentoring of Year 7 students during CHAC Comm.

Chris Nastrom-Smith
Director of Junior Secondary