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Junior Secondary Curriculum Spotlight

Junior Secondary Curriculum Spotlight

As part of the Year 9 core Health and Physical Education program, students complete a Mental Health unit to support their understanding of contemporary health and wellness issues. With research indicating that one in five adolescents in Australia are affected by mood disorders, and of the 20% of young people who experience a mood disorder, only 29% (31% of females and 13% of males) seek professional help, it is imperative we support our students understanding of their mental health and the support services available for them.

Our Year 9 students participated in a series of learning activities designed to create a greater understanding about youth mental health issues and breakdown one of the greatest barriers to help seeking which prevent young people from getting the professional help they need - community stigma.

The link below is an outstanding example of the work produced by Mr Spindler’s Year 9 class, with Sophie Hanson and Isabel Airlie the creators of the moving short film. Students were asked to create a digital advocacy campaign to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health issues.

Click here to view the video.

Chris Nastrom-Smith
Director of Junior Secondary