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Junior Secondary Creative Challenge

Junior Secondary Creative Challenge

Students were set the task of composing an original poem from an animal or insect’s perspective of a place or object they have explored. Along with the poem, students had to create a piece of 3D artwork that closely connects with their composition and needed to capture what the animal or insect saw and felt during their exploration.

With only 60 minutes to complete the challenge, the Year 8s worked in groups of three or four, and set about delegating tasks to ensure a successful outcome. This was a true test of collaboration and creative thinking, and students produced some outstanding pieces of work given the time constraints. As an example of the work produced, our piece this week focuses on the poem and artwork of Charlotte Blacker, Ella Cunningham and Cordelia Jeffery-McNamara.

The Hunter

There are many more of me,
than I will ever know.
Though to myself I am different.
This is how it shows…
My tail is stronger,
My ears are longer, my fur shines like the sun.

Crawling from my forever home,
I was on edge with my surroundings.
Realising I was all alone,
I took in everything around me.

For my family I was the hunter,
I focus on my prey.
I had my prey surrounded,
It was my lucky day.

Crawling up from behind,
Dodging left and right.
My prey shines gold,
I’m feeling bold….
The day turns into night.