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It's all happening in the Social Sciences!

It's all happening in the Social Sciences!

Author: Anthony Florido
Author Role: Head of Faculty - Social Science (Business and Geography)

Oceanography field trip

As part of their oceanography learning, Year 10 geography students examined the coastal geomorphological processes that have shaped the southern end of the Gold Coast between Point Danger and Kirra Point. Evidence of erosional and depositional features was studied as were the soft and hard engineering practices that have been applied to ensure the sustainability of the environment as development and population pressures act upon the zone.

Utilising our educational partners – Walkin' on Water, we then learnt about the three major types of waveforms that impact the surf zone on the Goldie – these include spilling, surging and dumping waves. Furthermore, students were taught how to spot a bar and headland rip. From this, they were provided with a lesson on how to use surf craft effectively. There were a few tumbles and spills, but in the end, nearly everyone was able to ride a wave into shore.

“Two things I liked about the excursion: the surfing and learning about the hard and soft engineering.” Holly

“On the excursion, I enjoyed the surf lesson and seeing real-world examples of what we had learnt in class.” Oliver

“I enjoyed the surfing component of the excursion and being able to physically see the erosion on the rocks and different things we learnt about in class because it makes what we learnt in class more clear.” Libby

“I enjoyed learning about the longshore drift and how it affects all the beaches, and I obviously enjoyed the surfing aspect of the excursion.” Caleb

Academic Success

Senior Economics students participated in the University of QLD/Queensland Economics Teachers Annual Economics Quiz. Our students performed admirably with the following standout performances. Many of our students placed in the top 1, 5 and 10 per cent of the state. Special commendation to Naveen Hingorani from Year 11 who placed equal first in the state.

Year 11

High Distinction - First in State - Prize winner: Naveen Hingorani

High Distinction: Curtis Shyu, Penelope Spears

Distinction: William Wright, Lachlan Davies, Ewan Tipping, Rosemary Grant, Aidan Medson-McGarry, Sam Clark, Jasmine Eyles, Adam Moritz, Nicholas Noad

Year 12

High Distinction: Lucas Kebbell, Erika Lawry, Connor Molloy, Lachlan Parenti, Ella Greenaway, Benjamin Myatt, Caitlin Andrews, Kaitlyn Banks

Distinction: Timothy Christie, Glen Miles, Benjamin Ziser, Morgan Spencer, Meg Trethewey, Samuel Dick, Emily Van der Merwe, Harrison Brown, Oliver Corcoran, Mitch Percival, Carlton Smith, Jenna Underhill


Geographers excel in National Competition

This year, students who studied geography in Semester 1 participated in the Australian Geography Competition.

CHAC students performed exceptionally well, which consolidates our high standing in the community as a leader in geography education.

Zachariah Anderson (Year 12) deserves special commendation – achieving first in Queensland and ranking in the top 1 per cent of the nation.

Other standout performances include:

Top 1 per cent of the nation:

Year 8: William Meng

Year 10: Thomas Formica

High Distinction (top 2 per cent):
Year 7: Liam Hunter, Sienna Lee

Year 8: Dominik Beveridge, Xavier Mangan

Year 10: Nick Greer, Alec Wills

Year 11: Benjamin Engel, Kate Fitzgerald, Sol Plevey

Year 12: Caitlin Andrews, Ian Basterfield-Groves, Julia Ralston

Distinction (top 5 per cent):
Year 7: Claudia Dunstan, Harrison Florido, Mitchell Jackson, Daniel McNally, Thomas Prialaux, Rhys Pruett

Year 8: Rory Andrews, Callie Bannister, James Brandt, Brandon Davis, Mary Donnan, Flynn Gardiner, Ryan Glennon, Willem HeatonYasmin Millard, Yael Niggemann, Liam Rasenberger, Lachlan Swift

Year 10: Erin Marlow, Lachlan Phillip, Hannah Robinson

Year 11: Simone Gloag, Jessica Muir, Claudia Persal

Year 12: Gemma Buckett, Ben Harms, Ryan Milner, Kate Trowbridge, Freya Waters