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It's all happening in Social Sciences

It's all happening in Social Sciences

Author: Anthony Florido
Author Role: Faculty Head - Social Sciences


Throughout August, junior geographers across Years 7 and 8 were provided with the opportunity to engage in experiential learning experiences.

To complement their learning and understanding of the unit Water in the World, Year 7 geographers visited Wivenhoe Dam. They explored the process of transporting water from storage to our homes via the South East Queensland water grid. They were also provided with a valuable insight into the treatment that needs to be undertaken to ensure our water quality is above the standards established by authorities. An important element of the fieldwork experience was to test the quality of the water being stored at the Dam. Students assessed physical, chemical and biological indicators. Testing for elements such as phosphates, nitrates, as well as examining the turbidity and PH levels of the water, were shown to be important tests that need to be constantly undertaken. Further to this, evaluating the variety of species living in the water enabled students to determine the health of our waterways.

Year 8 students' ventured to Mt Tamborine to experience life under the canopy of a sub-tropical rainforest. Geography came alive as they journeyed along the Curtis Falls track through the different layers of this diverse ecosystem. The students became familiar with the different adaptations and dynamic morphology that makes up this biome. From examining huge saprophytes (strangler figs) to avoiding stinging trees–it was an adventure. The beauty of Curtis Falls and the freshwater pools they have created at the base of the forest floor were highlights enjoyed by all.


Year 12 Business Management guest speaker

As part of their studies, Year 12 Business Management students have been provided with the opportunity to learn about business establishment, operations, and expansion opportunities within domestic and global markets. On Friday September 6, students heard from International Business Manager at Hive and Wellness P/L (formerly known as Capilano Honey) Merv Kickbush. Merv provided the students with an overview of his role in exporting honey throughout the world- analysing the external environmental factors that affect the business, as well as strategies Hive and Wellness have used to succeed. His talk focused upon the North American, Canadian and Chinese markets.

Economics Competition

Senior Economics students recently entered The University of Queensland Economics Competition. This competition tests students’ abilities to apply economic theory to events occurring within the global and domestic economies. The results received by both our Year 11 and Year 12 cohorts were exceptional. Lucas Kebbell from Grade 11 was a standout – gaining a High Distinction and 2nd prize in Queensland. He will be recognised for his achievements at an event hosted by The University of Queensland later in September. A summary of our major achievements is below.

Year 12: 80 per cent of the cohort received Credit and above.


  • Tom Glass
  • Thomas Huebler
  • Jacques Dennison
  • Sam Trezise
  • Jakob VanderDrift

Year 11: 75 per cent of the cohort received Credit and above.

High Distinctions:

  • Lucas Kebbell (2nd in the state)
  • Erika Lawry


  • Ella Greenaway
  • Glen Miles
  • Connor Molloy
  • Benjamin Myatt