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It has been a busy month in the Arts!

It has been a busy month in the Arts!

Author: Matt Hutchens and Amy Harvey
Author Role: Arts Ambassadors

Last week an eager group of Year 10, 11 and 12 Drama students journeyed to Trinity Parish Hall in the Valley to see Zen Zen Zo’s modern physical theatre interpretation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which was directed by Lynne Bradley. The audience was thrust into an immersive experience, with the old Parish Hall transformed into a stunning shipwreck where audience members could move freely around the performance area to witness a dramatic show of talented singing, movement and hilarious clowns.

All audience members were amazed and somewhat frightened at the incredible way the performers broke all theatrical barriers, providing a close and memorable interpretation of the original Shakespearean drama. With people crawling out of hidden spaces, haunting music and contrasting humorous sing-alongs, this show truly captivated and engaged all audience members; a different take on modern theatre and truly inspiring for the Year 12s and 10s for their own upcoming presenting tasks! Seeing one of our own Year 10 Drama students Kai Woods making his professional debut in the production was an added bonus that delighted the CHAC students. Well done Kai.

The Year 10s are currently working on their own assessment with artists-in-residence from Zen Zen Zo, which will greatly improve their presentations and acting skills! The immersive theatre show will be a site-specific piece devised to be performed in the Enterprise Centre. All students are thoroughly enjoying the task and are being challenged to get creative and break out of their comfort zones to deliver exceptional drama.

The Year 10 Theatre Sports evening, held on Monday the 26 August, was also a great success, with the competitors and eager Year 10 Drama students entertaining the audience with lots of entertaining improvisation and quick thinking.

Earlier this month, our Year 10 and 12 Visual Arts students visited an art exhibition at GOMA. One of Australia's most acclaimed artists, Ben Quilty, currently has a wide range of artworks on display at the gallery. Quilty is an expressive painter whose thickly painted landscapes and portraits have garnered international acclaim. Our students had the opportunity to view these works, along with many others including the Margaret Olley collection.

Time was given to the students to wander around the gallery and view the different types of artworks on display. The students were inspired by the works, discussing the techniques used and how this could be incorporated into their own works- just in time for their next practical assessment pieces. The students left the gallery feeling inspired and eager to commence their artworks.

It has been a busy month in the Arts!