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Industry praises Year 10 CHAC innovators

Industry praises Year 10 CHAC innovators

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Last week, the winners of last term’s Year 10 CHAC Innovators Program – awarded by Singapore Airlines, Accenture, Rio Tinto and Aurecon – were presented at the College. When our Year 10 cohort worked to problem-solve issues identified by these international corporations, they were embracing a whole new level of 'real-world' challenge. During the two-day CHAC Innovators Program, jointly developed and delivered by CHAC staff and BOP Industries, students confidently tackled complex real-world challenges over two days. Notably, recorded final pitches were judged by the four major international companies who had also assisted to identify emerging issues in their area: Singapore Airlines, Accenture, Rio Tinto and Aurecon.

In a ground-breaking first, to minimise COVID-19 risk to participants, BOP industries delivered the program resources online via Microsoft Teams. This is a platform our College is familiar with due to recent events, with CHAC staff facilitating sessions and working directly with students. Many thanks to the dedicated team of teachers involved in helping the days run successfully.

The program was the latest instalment in the Year 10 Enterprise Education Program and gave students the opportunity to demonstrate just how much they have learnt about teamwork, critical thinking, creativity and effective communication.

Students were able to choose their area of interest – either the Future of Aviation, Smart Cities, Zero-Waste Mining or Sustainable City Design – and then worked in groups to tackle a challenge in that area. The results showed both creativity and complex thinking, as well as the capacity to pitch convincingly to an audience.

The winning teams were:


Winners: Millennial Falcon: Madison James, Charlize Lacey, Chiara Altea, Monique Francis

2nd Place: RMVS: Mikayla Davis, Victoria Anderson-Bond, Rebecca Davis, Scarlett Ate

3rd Place: Economy Experts: Eliza Parenti, Lilly Ford, Alea Kingi, Kieran Roy


Winners: Smart City Tech: Alec Wills, Tommy Trotter, Braeden O’Connor

2nd Place: ELI: Oliver Cameron, Aidan Branch, Jake Williamson, Thomas McPherson, James Paterson

3rd Place: Tech City: Emma Summerville, Clover Ward, Charlotte Blacker, Millie Rollason, Abbey Jackson


Winners: Viridi City: Leila O’Brien, Lucia Ramirez, Sarah Findlay, Amelia Branch

2nd Place: Our City: Alice Dagwell, Amelia Fisk, Charlotte Hansen, Elizabeth Donnan

3rd Place: GreenScapes: Tayah Uren, Holly Byrne, Jessica Walker, Isabella Hilty


Winners: Modern Mining: Zachariah Atkinson, Cooper McClure, Mateo Mullens

2nd Place: The Zero Waste Miners: Charlie Fraser, Dylan Fraser, Sam Detaille, Lily Chippendale

3rd Place: Good Day: Andrew Whitcombe, Tyler Mellow, Oliver Bell