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Indigenous Literacy Foundation - Big Book Swap!

Indigenous Literacy Foundation - Big Book Swap!

Author: Rowena Riek
Author Role: Teacher

On Wednesday 4th September, we held the Big Book Swap in support of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. What a fantastic success it was! Thank you and well done to all who brought in books, and all who purchased a new 'swap' book. There were hundreds of books donated, and a large amount of them re-purchased. 

Prior to the gold coin swap day, we had already received donations totalling $640 from many of our generous family, friends and colleagues. With $841.05, received on the day, we raised an amazing total of $1,481.05 - well over our our target of $500.

Let's aim for a bigger and better one in 2020, and perhaps extend it up to secondary. Happy reading everyone. 

Rowena Riek and Nicole Grima