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Inaugural CHAC Talk Launch!

Inaugural CHAC Talk Launch!

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Gifted and Enterprise Education Coordinator

In the final week of Term 1, Cannon Hill Anglican College’s rapidly-evolving Enterprise Education Program will launch our inaugural CHAC Talk, the first of a series of presentations aimed at helping keep our students and the broader community abreast of cutting-edge developments in the world beyond the school gates. Over time the CHAC Talks Program aims to provide information for our community on emerging trends, issues and topics of interest as well as providing a forum to address perceived areas of need.

CHAC Talk #1 has been titled Success in a volatile world: what we can learn from entrepreneurs (intriguingly subtitled Arming Gen Z for the Future) and is aimed at students, parents and teaching staff, while offering valuable information for those involved in the business world. The presentation looks at the ways in which the world we know is rapidly changing into an environment we find hard to recognise – volatile, unpredictable, complicated, ambiguous – the so-called VUCA World of Tomorrow.

The presenter, Bond University’s Dr Baden U’Ren, will use his experience leading missions to Silicon Valley and Israel to highlight the characteristics, skills and tactics that will equip both individuals and organisations to prosper in the future. He will also shed light on the strategies used by the world’s most innovative firms, providing insight for business owners and future employees alike.

As Director of Bond University’s Commercialisation Centre, Dr U’Ren builds entrepreneurial capability in students who run through a tailored suite of courses, workshops and events. Additionally, he leads the entrepreneurship and innovation disciplines in the Bond Business School in his role as Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship. Outside of the University Baden is heavily involved in the start-up ecosystem and regularly addresses students from across the globe. He is a leader in his field, with extensive experience working in schools and a valuable outside perspective to offer the debate about the strategic direction of education.

The College also looks forward to having Dr Uren work with College staff later in 2019.

CHAC TALK: Success in a volatile world: what we can learn from entrepreneurs (Arming Gen Z for the Future)

Date: Wednesday 3 April 2019
Time:  6.45pm for 7pm
Location: CHAC Auditorium

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