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ICAS English

ICAS English

Our CHAC Secondary students achieved excellent results in this year’s ICAS English Competition. Of the 159 students who entered from Years 7 to 12, the College achieved eight High Distinctions, 55 Distinctions, 79 Credits and 12 Merits.

The English Faculty is very supportive of participation in ICAS competitions as we believe that it is through participation in these activities that students gain a wealth of experience and encouragement, which should develop and enrich their proficiency in English.

High Distinctions are awarded to students whose results are in the top 1% of the participants in the state. They were achieved by:

Year 8 – Lily Chippendale, Tayah Uren

Year 9 – Brodie Kealley, Rebecca Leonard, Oliver Misso

 Year 10 – Hannah Elmes

Year 11 – Jacques Dennison

Year 12 – Declan Vann-Wildman

Distinctions are awarded to students whose results are in the top 11% of the participants in the state.  They were achieved by:

Year 7 – Zoe Billings, Audrey Davidson, Zoe Everett, Kael Hourn, Georgia Leisemann, Ayla Lyon, Sianna Owen, Charlotte Theil, Emma Topp and Thomas Wood

Year 8 – Amelia Beveridge, Oliver Cameron, Alice Dagwell, Mikayla Davies and Cordelia Jeffery-McNamara

Year 9 – Sam Clark, Abigail Hansen and Naveen Hingorani

Year 10 – Ethan Cheung, Anna Coldham-Fussell, Hannah Dagwell, Hermione Knowles-Green and Christopher O’Brien

Year 11 – Lily Campbell, Mia Forsingdal, Sierra Mossman, Lily Smith, Isabelle Tame

Year 12 – Connor Borthwick, Sophie Corcoran, Matt Gleeson, Laura Harms, Ciarán Komarakul-Greene, Harrison Quinn, Torri Young

Students who achieved High Distinctions received their certificates at Assembly on Friday 2 November. All other students received their certificates in their English classes.

We congratulate all participants on their achievements.

Eve Hassall
Head of Faculty – English