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How do you show up for your kids?

How do you show up for your kids?

Parenting Ideas is an online community connecting parents and educators with expert child development knowledge. Their aim is to help people successfully raise confident, happy and resilient kids. Over the course of nearly twenty years, they’ve become one of Australia’s most trusted sources of parenting education and support. I regularly share articles and information with CHAC parents that I believe offer helpful advice, tips and explanations associated with raising children of all ages.

I encourage you to read this article, by happiness and wellbeing writer Dr Jodi Richardson, which talks about the importance of the ‘Third Space’ in preparing parents for the business of family time at home.


Whether our kids are little and jump on us the minute they see us or they’re that bit older and don’t necessarily even come to the door when we get home, it’s worth taking time to think about how we want to show up when we see them. It never occurred to me all those years ago that I could better prepare myself for the homecoming.

The ‘Third Space’ is the space between two places, such as driving between work and home, or being home alone before the kids arrive home. These are ideal times to reflect, rest and reset to ensure we show up the way we want to.

I encourage you to read the full article by clicking here.

Dave Pavish
Assistant Principal