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Holiday Reflection

Holiday Reflection

It is hard to believe we are now in the second half of the school year, but for our Year 12 students they are now within sight of the end of their secondary schooling. They appear to have come back refreshed and invigorated, ready to tackle the many challenges that await, from standard subject assessment through to the QCS Test, through musical performances, debates, community service, artistic endeavours and sporting pursuits. I encourage them to enjoy these experiences, for they form the memories of a lifetime.

While some of us had relaxing holidays many of our students were engaged in high energy activities. Our Year 7 Da Vinci decathlon team competed in the National finals in Sydney and came away with third place in Australia. While we have had regular success at a state level this is the first time we have placed in the top three nationally. Special congratulations to all members of the team, to the staff involved in the preparation of our students and to Ms Mossman for her commitment to this activity. Similarly, our Performance Music department took 29 students to New Zealand to compete in the Rhapsody Rotorua Music Festival. This tour involved performances, a competition and a number of concerts, along with some high energy activities, including two days in the snow. All students returned enthused and excited, with many parents reporting students unable to stop talking about their experiences. A special thank you to Mr Govier, Canon Sarah and Mr Quinn for leading the tour and Mrs Dowrie for all her work behind the scenes.

At the staff service on Monday, Canon Sarah talked about the true meaning of compassion. As we know, the College’s motto is “Courage and Compassion”, and as a College this phrase encompasses much of our attitude towards life. Below is one of the insights into compassion she shared with the staff as we move into another semester in the life of CHAC. It occurred on the Music Tour recently conducted to New Zealand.

“While on tour, a small number of our students came face to face with the grief and sorrow of a stranger their own age, hearing the firsthand account of an American student involved in a school shooting. The response of our students was a deep sadness which went well beyond mere sympathy. This is the deepest kind of compassion, where we see another human being as worthy of love and tears as ourselves, and feel outrage that anything evil should happened to them. This is the kind of love that moves mountains and drives people to truly desire to make the world a better place. And as I consoled our students, I was humbled in a way that comes rarely in life, and I promised God and myself once more to be part of the movement that makes this world a better, kinder, more loving place. We talk about compassion sometimes like it just means being nice, but in the Christian tradition of following Jesus, compassion requires more of us. It requires us to walk with others into painful places, to find ourselves in the troubling places with them, to allow our joy or our grief to meet theirs. This is true compassion.”

Finally, I would like to thank all those who have contacted me regarding my appointment as Principal from January 2019. From the student body and into the broader community it has been truly touching to feel the support and enthusiasm being expressed. I am very excited about our future and look forward to working with you all to continue to grow what makes CHAC such a special educational environment.


Congratulations to Isaac O'Toole (Year 6), who recently performed in Grease (the Arena experience) at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.
Congratulations to Jude Armstrong (Year 8) for being selected in the Under 13's Queensland Hockey team.

Gary O'Brien
Deputy Principal