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Geography students excel in national competition.

Geography students excel in national competition.

Author: Anthony Florido
Author Role: Head of Faculty - Social Sciences ( Business and Geography)

Students in Years 7, 8, 10 and 11 participated in the 25th annual Australian Geography Competition earlier this year.

Over 71,000 students from around Australia entered the competition, which is a joint initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association and the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland.

The Competition Coordinator, Bernard Fitzpatrick, said the competition gave teachers an opportunity to highlight geography in their schools and challenge their students.

“With current international affairs, geography is a vital subject that all young people should study. Understanding place and people, and the socio-economic and environmental interactions at local, regional, national and international scales is important to the economic and environmental future of Australia,” said Mr Fitzpatrick.

“With the Australian Curriculum: Geography implemented nationally, it’s an exciting time to be involved in geographical education, and the competition plays its part in this,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

The results are amazing given only half of the Year 7 and Year 8 cohort were provided with the opportunity to sit for the competition. These results reflect the exceptional learning that occurs in geography classrooms at CHAC. The great geography teachers also deserve credit – Ms Devonshire, Mrs Edmonds, Mrs Hennesy (Ms Joyce), Ms Ali and Mr Florido.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the competition with special commendation to the students listed below:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 10 Year 11

Top 1% in Australia:

  • Dominik Beveridge
  • Jacob Duncan
  • Flynn Gardiner

High Distinctions – Top 5% in Australia:

  • James Brandt
  • Sophia Hamilton
  • Chelsea McComb
  • Siaan Miller
  • Adele Paynter
  • Charlotte Phillips
  • Liam Rasenberger 



High Distinctions:

  • Ben Masnjak
  • Thomas Mollee
  • Oliver Moore
  • Lachlan Nock
  • Nathan Rossow
  • Luke Sivyer
  • Poppy Smith
  • Caitlyn Teakle
  • Sarah Wieland
  • Tom Wood

High Distinction:

  • Charlotte Beavers
  • Leo Dodds
  • Benjamin Engel
  • Kate Fitzgerald
  • Simone Gloag
  • Abigail Hansen
  • Claudia Persal
  • Matthew Rooney
  • Inayath Singh
  • Matthew Slowman

High Distinction

  • Zachariah Anderson
  • Caitlyn Andrews
  • Ian Basterfield Groves
  • Harrison Brown
  • Ben Harms
  • Nicholas Johnson
  • Julia Ralston
  • Navneet Singh


Distinctions – Top 10%

  • Zak Axton
  • Thomas Bittner
  • Franklin Branton
  • Eilidh Knowles
  • Sienna Lee
  • Dylan Malherbe
  • Olivia Rhau
  • Matthew Webster



  • Will Emmerton
  • Daniel Greenaway
  • Anneliese Roduner
  • Matthew Smith
  • Sarah Spalding
  • Emma Topp




  • Gabriella Bishop
  • Kate Burger
  • Jasmine Eyles
  • James Gardiner
  • Rosemary Grant
  • Yin-Katy Lee
  • Ella McCauley
  • Oliver Misso
  • Jessica Muir
  • Justin Trethewey


  • Amy Broadfoot
  • Hannah Fergus
  • Hannah Hedberg
  • Nikolas Lopez
  • Harrison Walker