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Geography Field Trips

Geography Field Trips

Year 7 Geographers investigate the quality of SEQ drinking water

As part of their studies of water for life, Year 7 geographers recently visited the major infrastructure assets of Wivenhoe Dam (Brisbane) and Hinze Dam (Gold Coast).

Students were provided with opportunities to evaluate the water quality at both these sites by examining in the field biological, physical and chemical indicators which provide a snapshot of the health of our waterways.

We are committed to providing a safe, high-quality water supply for the region and take a whole-of-catchment approach to water quality management – from source, to storage, to supply.


How many and what types of macroinvertebrates are in the water? Is there a concern with phosphates and nitrates? Surely if our waterways are capable of sustaining life then they must be of a good quality. How does water make its way from the dams to our households? Is the water treated in any way? All these questions were answered on the day. Ask Year 7 geographers what they found out; the results might surprise you.

Morphology of the Gold Coast – Year 10 Geography walks on water

Year 10 Geographers recently visited the Southern end of the Gold Coast as a means of reinforcing their learning and understanding of concepts learned in Oceanography studies.

Students have been examining erosional and depositional processes and landforms and were able to apply theory to reality as they trekked between point Danger and Kirra Point. In what ways have we as humans acted upon the coastal landscapes? Is all we do bad? Are coastal management techniques important in maintaining a balance between use and abuse? What soft and hard engineering techniques have been applied in the coastal strip we examined?

In addition, students applied what they thought they knew about beach safety to actual reality. What is a headland rip; what is a flash rip? Why do they occur and what do you do should you be caught in a rip? Students became familiar with the super bank sweep as the prevailing longshore drift challenged them on the surf craft they were given a crash course in using. All had fun, all were exhausted… all learned many valuable lessons on the day.

Anthony Florido
Secondary Teacher - Social Sciences