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Future thinkers lift-off at Aviation Australia

Future thinkers lift-off at Aviation Australia

Author: Jennifer Chaplin & Rohan Dooley
Author Role: Art & Science teachers

Last Thursday, the Year 9 Flight students were fortunate to tour the facilities at Aviation Australia. Flight is a cross-curricular elective subject that combines Science and Visual Art and is aimed at inspiring future creative thinkers and designers in the flight industry.

This excursion offered the class a practical insight into the classroom learnings of aircraft design features such as aerofoils, wing structure and engine design, and their ability to manage opposing forces to create lift.

Denis Manson from Aviation Australia (and CHAC parent) provided insight into the different aspects of aviation. He highlighted the diversity of thinking required when both designing and maintaining a sensory experience for passengers is as important as the plane itself.

Students were most captivated by being up close and personal with the various aircraft on show, including the big A380 and 747 planes, as well as helicopters and fighter planes too.

Seeing the excitement and enthusiasm of the class reminds us that real-life learning opportunities at this age are often the spark that inspires future pathways.


"We didn't realise the theory we had learnt about the aerofoils would be everywhere on the planes we saw today."  

Kassidy Erfurth