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From the Principal's desk

From the Principal's desk

Author: Gary O'Brien
Author Role: Principal

Next Saturday is Open Day, and all members of the College Community are invited and encouraged to attend and assist in the promotion of our College. As always, our students will be front and centre, whether it be as tour guides, sport, music or display participants, or simply just helping out around the campus.

The day will commence at 9am with presentations in the Auditorium. Between 10am and 12noon, guests will be invited to tour the campus and visit the many exciting classroom activities on display.

I would like to thank our students, staff and community for supporting this important College event.  

Last week, I attended the Anglican Heads Retreat. This provided an opportunity to meet with fellow Principals, Bishops and our Archbishop to discuss the challenges of our roles, to explore what it is that defines an Anglican education, and to gain professional development through a facilitated series of workshops.

Leadership in an Anglican School underpinned our discussions as we worked around the themes and strategies explored in Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game. The book talks about not being involved in a game defined by winning and losing–for this is a finite game that has an endpoint. Rather, we are in engaged in an infinite game that is about the much higher and bigger goal of preparing for the long haul; it is about stewardship that has you as a keeper, not owner, with the express goal of leaving your organisation in a better place than when you started. 

There is often discussion about the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world that we currently live in, suggesting that there are many challenges to the effectiveness of the work and goals we set out to achieve. However, rather than viewing these as insurmountable challenges, it can be viewed as an opportunity, leading to a counter acronym for VUCA (Vision, Understanding, Courage, Adaptability) that can provide a framework through which to address such challenges as:

  • Maintaining respectful communication in a world that encourages disrespectful, extreme and uncompromising interactions between people
  • Building trust in an environment where trust in businesses and people is on the decline and institutional loyalty is sliding
  • Having the integrity and courage to maintain and stand-up for our moral and ethical beliefs
  • The increasing prevalence of mental health and wellness issues in the lives of our students and families
  • The impact of technology on individual and collective wellbeing

In the months ahead, I look forward to sharing more about the efforts of our College to address such challenges.

The College's strategic thinking, based around the Developing World and Work Ready Individuals theme, has been formally released to our community. Online copies are available via the website, while hard copies are available from the College. This document represents thoughts and ideas generated by students, staff and parents, and our strategic projects have been informed by this thinking. Further information on these projects will be reported through the newsletter in future editions.

Please enjoy this week's episode of the Principal's Voice.

Mr Gary O'Brien