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From the Principal's desk

From the Principal's desk

Author: Gary O'Brien
Author Role: Principal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome both new and returning members of the College community back for another exciting year at CHAC.

Last week, we welcomed a number of returning and new staff to our Primary, Secondary and College Support Services teams. We are delighted they have joined our staff, and we look forward to their contributions to College life.

Primary Staff

Secondary Staff

Secondary Staff

College Services Staff

Miss Caroline Duncan


Dr Malcolm Cole

Head of Faculty – The Arts

Miss Elizabeth Schluter


Mrs Natalie Hillman

Teacher Aide

Mrs Elizabeth Hodges

Primary Gifted and Talented

Mrs Bernice Galligan


Mr Tyson Schneider


Mrs Kim Andrews

HR Officer

Mrs Kim Knott

Learning Support Teacher

Ms Gayle Harris  (28/01)

Acting DoDS (Term 1)

Mr Neil Scothern


Mrs Anna Steele

Academic Database & Projects Officer


Ms Renee Johnson

Visual Arts

Mr Aaron Sloper




Mrs Vijenti Mala


Miss Natasha Smith

Social Sciences



Miss Gabrielle Mann


Mr William Smith

Social Sciences/Mathematics



Mrs Debby Martens


Mrs Jan Unsworth

Life and Faith



Mrs Natalie Pyke

English/Social Sciences

Miss Annette Window



Similarly, there have been changes to the roles and titles of a number of staff. Mrs Shelley McMahon has moved formally into the role of Director of Junior Secondary, Mr Nick Medcalf into the role of HoH-Stradbroke, Ms Maddie Wallas the HoH-St Helena, Mr Small the HoH-Russell and Ms Barbara Mossman as Head of Enterprise and Gifted Education. We know each will continue to provide great service and support to our community, enhancing the educational experience for all our students.

Year 12 2020 Results

Once again, our Year 12 students were well rewarded for their efforts, with the cohort producing a number of best ever performances in the final year of the OP system. The collective results of the cohort placed CHAC as one of the highest performing schools in the state, a just outcome for a cohort who committed themselves to pursuing their possibilities and a staff whose dedication and commitment to the provision of an outstanding educational experience was again clearly on show. The development of students with the capacity to think independently and creatively, to clearly organise and articulate their thoughts and ideas, and to display the tenacity and discipline necessary when facing challenges is a testament to the quality of a CHAC education. 






















These were built on the back of outstanding QCST results:







A + B



A + B + C




In the week following the completion of the 2019 College year, eight of our Volleyball teams competed in the Australian Schools Volleyball Cup, which was held on the Gold Coast. The level of competition and the quality of our teams’ performances was extremely high, with many teams producing excellent results. Four of our eight teams won medals, with the Year 7 and Year 11 boys winning gold, the Year 9 girls silver and the Year 11 girls bronze. As the school year kicks off, we look forward to seeing these students involved in the TAS Competition and continuing to perform at the high level displayed over the week of the competition.

Today’s 2020 College Leaders’ Commissioning was another pivotal event in the life of our College. It is with great pride, both as a Principal and a father, that I watched students who have grown and matured at the College step forward to accept the significant challenge and responsibility of leadership. Once again, I know that we have a cohort who will lead the College with distinction and pride; providing an example of servant leadership the whole College can follow and admire.



Each year, the College adopts a theme around which we focus our thinking and actions. The 2020 theme for Cannon Hill Anglican College is My Best, Our Best, Community Success, with a variation of My Best, Our Best, Shared Success. This focus on the individual and the collective symbolises what we value and deem to be important here at CHAC. Relationships are the cornerstone of a successful community, and the College is committed to developing these based on trust, honesty, humility, and empathy.

The College's strategic thinking is guided by our commitment to Developing World and Work Ready Individuals, and this has been informed by the skills, knowledge and character traits identified through our collective research. I look forward to sharing more of this information in later newsletters as we launch the projects and opportunities developed to meet this goal.

Welcome back to 2020. I am excited and invigorated by the prospect of the many challenges the year ahead will provide our community, and I look forward to seeing you all over the coming weeks as the full range of College experiences commence.

Please enjoy this week's episode of the Principal's Voice.  

Mr Gary O'Brien