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From the Principal

From the Principal

Today we have had the pleasure of opening up the College to welcome another few hundred visitors to our August Open Day.

Parents, I want to again congratulate you on your sons and daughters. They are the most wonderful ambassadors for their school. As tour hosts (this time from Years 9 and 10), speakers, performers and as students getting on with their daily class activities across the campus – they are quite outstanding. Courtesy, friendliness, authenticity, kindness and vibrancy – they actively promote the College just by being themselves.

I further commend our students on their whole-hearted engagement in the multiplicity of experiences that made up the Secondary Camps and Activities Week last week, and the Primary Athletics program. Our staff put in an enormous effort to provide challenging and extending opportunities, designed to enrich the key aspects of our mission in developing the whole person.

I speak regularly on our assemblies about attributes such as kindness, compassion, courage, effort, resilience and personal responsibility. It is indeed a deeply rewarding experience to see our children and young adults growing into such fine people.

Term 3 brings so much growth, and as well as commending students on their contributions and efforts over the first semester. I encourage them now to really dig deep and allow themselves to flourish in the second half of the year.

Thank you to Primary parents for your engagement through the P&F Association and, in particular, for becoming inaugural participants in a Primary Sub-Committee of the P&F. We look forward to tapping into your insights and input to further strengthen CHAC.

I seek your support at this time in upholding through prayer our staff and families who are currently facing health concerns, bereavement and other challenges. As a faith community, we can provide enormous support and loving care. Please communicate any matters relevant to the well-being of your children so we can work together.

Best wishes to all teams and individual participants for the many and varied competitions ahead. And to our Seniors – Term 3 is indeed a challenge, and you are ready for it! I wish you the best of experiences as you work your way through your final semester of schooling with optimism, best effort and friendship.

Robyn Bell