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From the Director of Junior Secondary

From the Director of Junior Secondary

Author: Shelley McMahon
Author Role: Director of Junior Secondary

Year 9 Personal Development Day

On Wednesday last week, Year 9 students participated in a full-day program presented by Character Builders. The day was centred around developing a sense of connectivity within the cohort and thinking about when to 'step up' or 'step back' as a leader.

Students were given a variety of team challenges including creating a slow-moving ball run, developing a fitness squad, collaborating with a large group to walk with a caterpillar wheel, and creating conversation while achieving a 'hole in one'. There was a great sense of reflection from the group, and students put some of these sentiments in words as they celebrated individuals at the end of the day.

Some messages that students took away from the day included:

"Everyone can be a leader."

"We can incorporate our different skills into a team effort."

"Step up, step down and encourage others."

"When everyone listens and a leader takes charge, we can achieve great things."

"One step is all it takes to support someone."

"I can learn a lot if I engage more with people that I don't usually spend time with."

I'd like to thank teaching staff and the team from Character Builders for assisting in the presentation of a thoughtful and active day. We will continue to reflect on this message over the coming weeks, and the concepts of teamwork and leadership will be developed further in the lead up to the Year 9 camp.