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From the Arts Faculty

From the Arts Faculty

Author: Hermione Knowles-Green and Maxi Mossman
Author Role: Arts Ambassadors

Arts at CHAC

Term 1 is well underway, and the Arts Faculty have witnessed the introduction of two new staff members; we have welcomed our new Head of the Arts, Dr Malcom Cole, as well as Ms Renee Johnson, who has joined our Visual Arts team.

As a faculty, we are excited to work alongside these teachers to both face the new ATAR curriculum and facilitate an increased understanding of what the Arts can contribute to the CHAC community. 2020 has already proved it has much to offer, and we are confident that there will be many outstanding performances, artworks and musical content produced over the next few months, starting with the Year 10s and their upcoming work with Zen Zen Zo and, most recently, visits to the Gallery of Modern Art.

Over the past few weeks, Years 9, 10 and 11 students visited GOMA’s Water exhibition, which aims to bring attention to one of our most precious elements and the important role it plays in our lives. Students had the opportunity to learn of the challenges we have as a society concerning water, through beautiful immersive installations such as Cai Guo-Qiang’s Heritage, where realistic sculptures of diverse species gather peacefully together to drink from a large waterhole. Not only this, but students clamoured over a rocky landscape to sit at the top and watch a small stream of water trickle down in Olafur Eliasson’s Riverbed. They also tested their strength trying to reach the other side on William Forsythe’s The Fact of the Matter, an interactive artwork of rings suspended from the ceiling.

While Year 9 aim to utilise their trip to GOMA to inform their in-class essays, the Year 11s experienced the exhibition through a variety of different lenses, thus, growing their evolving knowledge of the contemporary art world. They deconstructed a diversity of artworks, gaining an understanding of how artists respond to the environmental problems our world is facing with so little, or so much, water.

Back in the classroom, students will use that knowledge to make their own personal responses to the world around them.

Ultimately, all classes left feeling inspired and motivated for the year of creativity that lays ahead.


Former CHAC Arts HOD and Visual Arts teacher Glenda Hennig returned to CHAC to work with the Year 10s on their pottery technique.

All students enjoyed the chance to gain further insight into the rather difficult art practice, with Talia saying, “at first it was much harder than I imagined. There are so many steps to get right before you even begin to start to form a pot."

Rebecca also said that “once you learnt that you had to control the clay and not let the clay control you by keeping your body still and locked in like a machine, it was a really enjoyable experience."

Alex enjoyed the challenge; after a few struggles to centre his clay and pull it up into an even form, he found the process satisfying and easy to control. Now the Year 10s will take their new skills into the classroom creating narrative artworks that respond to the CHAC environment.

Year 12 Drama students have presented their first internal assessment of sections of the powerful play Hoods, and Music Extension students presented their first tasks in performance and composition at an excellent evening concert. Well done to all students and thank you to Ms Mungavin and Mrs Pratt for your great work.