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First Lego League Robotic Competition

First Lego League Robotic Competition

Author: Sara Grigg
Author Role: Robotics Club Coordinator

On Saturday 10 November, my team of five Robotics enthusiasts headed to the First Lego League Robotic Competition at Kedron State High School. After about 10 weeks of designing and building our robots, we competed against 40 other teams – all eager to win. We had programmed our robot to complete several challenging missions on the INTO ORBIT game board. During the day we had fun achieving these set missions for the judges and enjoyed the challenge of fine-tuning our programming and robot design. Together, we enjoyed interacting with other teams and were fascinated with the many innovative robots. As part of the competition, we also presented our Project about Nutritious Food in Space and the challenges it presents, especially for long-duration space travel. We worked well as a team all day and were rewarded with a trophy. Overall, it was a valuable experience in robotics and programming.

Ambryn Parenti, Year 8

The First LEGO League Robotics Competition took place over multiple weeks and included teamwork, construction, and programming. – ending with a competition day. The groups had to both create a program and solve a problem with the overall theme of space travel. The programming was the most difficult and was the main part of the competition. On the day, the groups had several hours to edit their programs and had three rounds to get as many points as possible. The entire program focused on teamwork; in order to complete the tasks, multiple people would have to work on them. Both teams worked exceptionally well, with one coming away with the teamwork award. Overall, this competition was enjoyable and I recommend anyone interesting in programming to participate in this program next year.

Hannah Seymour-Smith, Year 9